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Now located in North Naples

Dr. William K. Gibson

2590 Northbrooke Plaza Dr.

Suite 108

Phone : (239) 262-1913

Emergencies Welcome!

Treatment today, options always available

Smile Gallery

With our immediate denture process you can have teeth in one day!!


Dr. Gibsons two sons Andy and Gregory will try anything to make you SMILE

Dr Gibsons kids Andy and Gregory, age 5 and 6


Vivaneers instantly


Here is one of my patients who just wanted a better smile. He is a Real Estate expert so it is important when meeting new clients. This change only took one week to complete with minimal preparation.

The smile says it all. I love happy patients!

No Prep Veneers are in Vogue today.

6 month braces

This is a patient who I treated with the STO technique in only 5 months of wearing braces.

The Natural Look


This case was one of the most difficult because the patient was so demanding!

My teeth were just OK for a long time. As I followed the new products I finally saw something that really sparked my intrest- the "no prep" porcelain veneers made by a lab in California. The brand name is "Lumineers" however there are now many nano thin veneers available from many labs.

It was so easy I could almost do it all in an hour. I took an impression of my teeth, sent it to the lab and 2 weeks later I had a new smile. No drilling needed, no temporaries to fall off and no pain so anesthetic is unnecessary.

If anyone is thinking about a smile make over please call for an estimate as the cost of nano thin veneers has become much more affordable. I had to charge this patient extra cause he was very demanding!

A Natural Look Veneer

Fast Enamel repairs

Fillings replaced fast without shots. High speed rotary instruments alleviate the sensitivity. This procedure only took 10 minutes !

6 Month Braces Power Prox

This is a photo of one of our patients after wearing braces for only 3 months in our Power-Prox program.

Removal of amalgam/silver fillings and replacement with natural tooth colored fillings.