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Now located in North Naples

Dr. William K. Gibson

2590 Northbrooke Plaza Dr.

Suite 108

Phone : (239) 262-1913

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I honestly look forward to coming into work everyday.
About Dr. Gibson


Dr. William Gibson graduated from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry.

He also attended Miami of Ohio for 4 years where he attained his undergraduate degree with a major in Chemistry.

Almost all of Dr. Gibson's postgraduate study has been devoted to Dental Implants. Dr. G adheres to the teachings and guides of the following four implant specialists, Dr. David D'Alise with OCO Biomedical, Inc., Dr. Carl Misch, and Dr. Randy Resnik as a group philosophy, and Dr. G Nisnik, founder of core vent and Implant Direct.

 Dr. Gibson actually placed his first surgical implant back in 1990 under the guidance of Dr. Doug Clepper at his Augusta, Georgia teaching clinic. At that time I started placing the first "core-vent" type implants that were introduced by Dr. Gerry Nisnik.

Dr. Gibson has been practicing for over 26 years. He has been in his new location on Northbrooke Plaza Dr. for about 6 months.

Since he began the cosmetic procedures, trends and materials have been changing rapidly. New technology requires daily research into various systems. Dr. Gibson uses the best " Lumineer" because we like to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. Vivaneers can be pressed to a mere .3mm which once cemented become chemically bonded to enamel. Digital impressions create an easy method to remake inferior Lumineers or thin pressed type restorations. 

Regarding the labs we use, after 26 years of trials, Dr. Gibson believes the single most important factor regarding quality is .....What type of day is the lab tech having.....sometimes the tech is in a rush and the case must be redone at no cost to the patient. It is imperative that the final Veneers are perfect.

Helping the community is an important factor in my life. In April 2014, I was invited to speak at one of our fine elementary schools. I gave a 40-minute presentation on the importance of oral health, introducing a method to make tooth brushing fun. The program was highly successful, with Ana's help I was invited back to present the same format to older students.

Dr. Gibson is married and has three sons, Ryan (24), Gregory (13), and Andy (12). He keeps active with his wife Anne in the many community sporting activities with their kids. Keeping in balance with daily exercise at the Naples Wellness center is their key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

"One of my most memorable and exciting events in Napes was a few years ago when a patient asked me to play in a National golf tournament. Our 4 man scramble team made it to the finals in Pebble Beach Ca. where we placed in the top 100 teams Nationwide!!  

My wife, Anne, leads the cheering section as well as stepping up to the referee when the boys are displaying "sportsmanship like conduct"........ 15 yards and a time out!  

  Today 10/07/2015, Anne is involved with a project at Osceola Elementary Grade School where she is conducting an art design contest for the students. The student with the best design to display school spirit will be selected to have their design printed on all the new school T-shirts worn by the students. Mostly fun stuff!


Anne is a University of Iowa graduate with a triple major, Go Hawkeyes!

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